Self Defense

Taekwon-Do is a Korean system of self defence. Our classes are be orientated towards protecting our self when in a dangerous situation.

Self defence emphasises the idea of avoiding conflict where possible. But understanding that there are times when one may face irrational, drug affected or intoxicated opponents where avoidance may not be possible. In classes one learns the correct skills sets to be able to effective evade, disarm and escape from various attacker scenarios.

The legal situation with a provoked fight can be complex, and varies between countries and states. Though individuals are allowed to defend themselves when seriously provoked there are limits. Self defence puts emphasis on avoiding harm to our self, but also minimising harm to the assailant. This prevents any potential legal ramifications.

It is important to develop the right mindset for selfdefence. Individuals are often unprepared for the Adrenalin and stress of a crisis situation. Responding correctly in a stressful situation is a difficult matter. All the fitness and training in the world is to no avail if we freeze up or start to panic.

One solution to this is to develop appropriate reflexes. Through repetition of a particular self defence we can learn to automatically throw somebody who grabs us from behind. As such we may find we respond correctly regardless of our mental state. Training in our Taekwon-Do classes can effectively train this type or reflex.

Another important solution to the potential panic of a crisis situation is to become accustomed to the feeling of Adrenalin. This is a hormone that is released when our body is under stress. Through intensive training with the correct we can attain a lower form of stress without a legitimate threat. If we grow used to the stress and Adrenalin we learn to think clearly in difficult situations. Subsequently, when we are faced with a legitimate threat we can tackle the situation with a better mindset and make full use of the know.