Competition classes are run on weekends; Focusing on the competition aspect of Taekwon-Do.


  • Video recording, analysis and evaluation
  • How to develop competition patterns’
  • How to improve kicking techniques in competition


  • Developing efficiency with hand and foot techniques
  • How to prevent telegraphing our intentions and increase our chances of deceiving the opponent
  • How to develop a high standard of sparring skills used at an International level
  • How to control, deceive and counter an opponent within close, middle and long range
  • How to develop efficient head movement, footwork and body awareness to control the rhythm of free sparring

Power Breaking

  • Routine development
  • Mental rehearsal
  • Conditioning drills
  • How to generate more power/speed
  • How to improve your breaking technique

Special Techniques

  • Routine development
  • Mental rehearsal
  • How to improve your vertical jump
  • How to improve your technique to achieve a greater height

Pre-arranged Sparring Choreography

  • Routine development
  • Creative ways to use ITF techniques
  • How to use the rhythm to impress the judges