Classes for Children

Taekwon-Do Kids is a programme that is run for young children up to 9 years of age to enhance their skills and ability.

These classes are usually for children already in school. They have a social structure and schoolwork to cope with. Taekwon-Do helps them to handle the pressure that school can bring by teaching them to have no fear of the mistakes that we all can make everyday. To look at mistakes as a learning curve essential to their development. When they lose the fear of making mistakes, only then can they reach their full potential.

We work hand in hand with parents and teachers. No child can reach the next level, the coveted new belt, without the consent of both parents and teachers. The consent is based purely on effort and behaviour and not on academic ability.

The main aim to the junior programme is growing confidence and respect towards authority as they themselves are very quickly given responsibility to look after younger children, developing responsibility and a feeling of worth within their social circle.

The many benefits from Taekwon-Do Kids:

  • Increased attention of concentration
  • Co-ordination
  • Motor skill
  • Safety awareness of consciousness
  • Study / Academic habits
  • Respect and tolerance
  • Self defence
  • Self confidence