17th & 18th August 2019 – Master McPhail Seminar – Sydney

Sabumnim Michael Nguyen attended the Master McPhail Seminar on the 17th & 18th August at the ITF Fitness Center in Sydney. There were close to 50 black belts in attendance. Day 1 combined fundamental movements as well as Patterns Chon-Ji up to Yoo-Sin lead by Master McPhail. He is full of knowledge and it was amazing to train with such a dynamic and passionate Master in the Oceania region. He is one of the members on the ITF technical committee.  Our Senior Dans were very fortunately to be able to get some personal tuition from him on Day 2 covering all 4th Dan Patterns.

Over the two day seminar, GM Daher the seminar participates on their toes through a variety of intensive sparring drills and unique methods. He offered insight into how your opponent thinks and how to read your opponent’s movements. He also offered advice to participants who are serious about developing their sparring abilities for international competition.

Towards the end of Day 2 we participated in an umpiring session conducted by Mr McIntyre which is an important element of competitive ITF Taekwon-Do on an international level. Mr McIntyre covered current tournament rules from an umpire point of view for patterns, pre-arranged and free sparring. It was a great chance to ask questions and understand how to impress the umpires/judges and get the edge on your opponent.

It was a very enjoyable event. We are very much looking forward to the IIC in New Zealand next year.


Michael Nguyen VI Dan ITF

International Instructor & Examiner

Impact Taekwon-Do Australia


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21st July 2019 – RMIT Championships 2019 – Melbourne

In July Impact Taekwon-Do Australia, sent a team of 18 to the RMIT Championships. It was a well run event and students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you to the organisers for the invitation.

Results from the RMIT Championships in St Albans. Congratulations to everyone who competed today as well as a big thank you to everyone who came and supported! It is the biggest team we’ve ever brought to a tournament, with 18 people and 30 medals in hand.

Michael Nguyen
1st in 18+ y/o Male 2nd to 6th Dan Patterns
1st in 18+ y/o Team Patterns
1st in 18-35 y/o Male 1st Gup to 6th Dan 64-73kg Sparring

Adriana Enciso
1st in 18+ y/o Female 1st to 4th Dan Patterns
1st in 18+ y/o Team Patterns
1st in 18-35 y/o Female 1st to 8th Dan 51.1 to 69kg Sparring

Larita Bouphasavanh
3rd in 18+ y/o Female 1st to 4th Dan Patterns
1st in 18+ y/o Team Patterns

Man Tim Hon
1st in 18+ y/o Team Patterns
1st in 18+ y/o Male 1st Gup to 2nd Dan +80kg Sparring
4th in 18+ y/o Male 2nd to 6th Dan Patterns

Ryan Le
1st in 0-12 y/o Mixed 1st Dan Patterns
1st in 10-17 y/o Male 5th Gup to 1st Dan 35.1 to 51kg Sparring

Philo Lee
2nd in 0-12 y/o Mixed 1st Dan Patterns
1st in 10-13 y/o Male 5th Gup to 3rd Dan +55kg Sparring

Chris Lin
2nd in 13-17 y/o Male 1st to 2nd Dan Patterns
2nd in 10-17 y/o Male 5th Gup to 1st Dan 35.1 to 51kg Sparring

Claire Lin
3rd in 0-12 y/o Mixed 1st Dan Patterns
1st in 10-17 y/o Female 5th Gup to 1st Dan 35.1 to 46kg Sparring

Trevor Foulstone
1st in 36+ y/o Male 10th to 1st Gup Patterns
2nd in +18 y/o Male 1st Gup to 2nd Dan +80kg Sparring

Kate Raine
3rd in 18-35 y/o Female 5th to 1st Gup Patterns
3rd in 18-35 y/o Female 5th to 1st Gup 45.1-57kg Sparring

Angela Foulstone
2nd 13-17 y/o Female 5th to 1st Gup Patterns
1st in 18+ y/o Team Patterns

1st in 13-17 y/o Female 5th to 1st Gup Patterns

Edward Lo
1st in 13-17 y/o Male 5th to 1st Gup Patterns

2nd in 0-12 y/o Female 5th to 1st Gup Patterns
2nd in 10-13 y/o Female 5th Gup to 3rd Dan 35.1 to 46kg Sparring

Mohammed Abdinuur
3rd in 14-17 y/o Male 5th Gup to 8th Dan 51.1 to 69kg Sparring

Tania Jiao
1st in 0-12 y/o Female 5th to 1st Gup Patterns

Opal Tieu
4th in 0-12 y/o Female 5th to 1st Gup Patterns

Tommy Le
1st in 0-12 y/o Male 5th to 1st Gup Patterns
1st in 0-13 y/o Mixed -27kg 10th to 5th Gup Sparring

Tony Lee
2nd in 0-12 y/o Male 10th to 6th Gup Patterns
1st in 0-9 y/o Male -27kg 10th to 6th Gup Sparring


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8th & 9th June – ITF National Championships 2019 – Sydney

In June, Impact Taekwon-Do Australia sent a team of 6 to Sydeny attend the ITF Australian National Championships. It was a great event. Thank you to the organisers for inviting us.


Final Results from the 2019 ITF Nationals in Sydney

Michael Nguyen
2nd in 18 to 39 y/o Male 4th to 6th Dan Patterns
2nd in 18 to 35 y/o Male 1st Dan+ 63.5kg to 72kg Sparring

Adriana Enciso Galindo
3rd in 18 to 35 y/o Female 4th Dan Patterns
3rd in 18 to 35 y/o Female 1st Dan+ 55kg to 68.5kg Sparring

Larita Bouphasavanh
2nd in 18 to 35 y/o Female 2nd to 3rd Dan Patterns

Trevor Foulstone
3rd in 40+ y/o Male 5th to 1st Gup Patterns
3rd in 36+ y/o Male 5th Gup to 2nd Dan 78.6+ Sparring

Angela Foulstone
1st in 12 to 14 y/o Female Colour Belt Special Techniques

Thank you to Man Tim Hon for coming along to support and coach the team! Everyone did so well today. Now to rest and relax! Congratulations!!


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23rd March 2019 – Visitor from Columbia

Impact Taekwon-Do would like to welcome Ms Adriana Enciso Galindo from Columbia who is living, working and studying here. She is a 4th Dan in ITF Taekwon-Do and 3rd Dan in WAKO Kickboxing. She brings a wealth of international experience being to 2 World Cup (Jamaica and England) and 2 World Championships (Spain & Ireland) representing her home country. She is also multiple National, Panamerican & Sudamerican Champion in patterns and sparring in both styles. She will be representing Columbia at the her 3rd ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships in Germany this year in Patterns and Sparring. We look forward to exchanging knowledge as well as working together with her. Taekwon!



62304828_2446312908741621_5808269069643677696_o      22886092_10155781094532618_3799324730715321159_n      60071005_10156096370707761_2531771710756093952_o      60141257_10157205436067618_9165108086770237440_o      62304828_2446312908741621_5808269069643677696_o




10th November 2018 – AAITF National Championships – Melbourne

The AAITF Hosted their Nationals in Melbourne this year. There were close to 100 competitors over two days. We had five of our students compete that weekend. Thank you to Master Kordanovski and his team at ITDF for inviting us.


Results for the tournament:

Philo Lee
2nd – 0-11 y/o Male 4th Gup+ Patterns
2nd – 0-11 y/o Male Sparring +40kg

Angela Foulstone
3rd– 12-14 y/o Female 2nd Gup-1st Dan Patterns.

Amelia Phan
1st – 10-12yo Female 2nd Gup-1st Dan Patterns

Ryan Le
3rd – 0-11 y/o Male Sparring +40kg

Tommy Le
1st – 0-11 y/o Male 7th-5th Gup Patterns
1st – 0-11 y/o Male Sparring -25kg

Fantastic effort. Thank you to Boosabumnim Larita Bouphasavanh for assisting the team and preparing them.
3 x Gold, 2 x Silver & 2 x Bronze. a great way to finish the last tournament of the year.


25th-29th September 2018 – ITF World Cup 2018 – Sydney

The ITF World Cup was the biggest tournament of the year with over 1000 competitors from 35 different countries participating. The atmosphere was amazing over 5 days. Master Daher also got promoted to 9th Dan. Our first GM in this federation. Sabumnim Michael Nguyen also was promoted to 6th Dan by GM Ung Kim Lan in an extraordinary grading.

Results for the tournament are below:

Leon Sejranovic
1st – 14-17 yo 1st-3rd Dan Special Techniques
1st – 14-17 yo 1st – 3rd Dan <68kg sparring
1st – Junior Male 1st-3rd Dan Team Sparring

Angela Foulstone
Competed well, unfortunately losing to Argentina in Patterns due to a few critical errors.
In special techniques, she got full points for the flying side kick but missed the front kick due to nervousness.

Larita Bouphasavanh
She completed well unfortunately losing to Norway in Patterns due to some balance issues with the new mats being used.

Well done to everyone that completed. This was the first time two of our competitors had versed other international competitors. So it was a great opportunity to learn from this experience and to continue to work and build to improve themselves.

If there was an Overall Individual Junior Male award, it would’ve gone to him. There was no other competitor in the Junior Division that won 3 Gold medals. Well done to Leon.

Thank you for Mr Trevor Foulstone and Boosabumnim Tim Hon for supporting the team during this event.


43570824_1047846745422660_6629859999419990016_n     42910473_1937389786380152_8765800617869312000_o      42959651_10155718425135095_7227824811160895488_n      42761273_1924937960958668_2528593456431890432_n      42529941_1924938020958662_1063117552378445824_o      42654189_2381108245237056_7910719495918845952_n      42584781_1920341161418348_8910432542050484224_n      42532577_1916035218515609_7307379472477454336_n      WORLD-CUP     42672705_2023295054380347_534884979251871744_o

16th September 2018 – CHITF Lai Taekwon-Do Tournament – Melbourne

In September, our students competed in the annual CHITF Lai Taekwon-Do tournament. We had 4 students participate. As usual there was big support from surrounding schools and interstate. Everyone had a great day. Thank you to GM and Master Lai for inviting us. Congratulations to everyone that competed today!!

Results are below: 

Leon Sejranovic
1st – Senior male <68kg Sparring
1st – Senior Male Special Techniques

Larita Bouphasavanh
3rd – 1st-2nd Dan Female Patterns

Philo Lee
1st – 1st -2nd Dan Junior Male Patterns
2nd – Sparring

Angela Foulstone
1st – 5th-1st Gup Female Patterns
2nd – Junior Female Special Techniques



August 2018 – USMA Open Tournament – Melbourne

In August, Impact students attended a friendly tournament hosted by USMA. We had 4 students compete. It was a great build up to this year’s World Cup. It was great to see some Taekwon-Do friends from Canberra also. Thank you to Master Cariotis for inviting us.

USMA Open Tournament Results:

Leon Sejranovic
1st – Junior Male Black belt Sparring
1st – Senior Male Special Techniques

Luka McPhie
2nd – Senior Male Special Techniques

Philo Lee
2nd – Junior Male Mixed Sparring
3rd – Junior Male Special Techniques

Chris Lin
1st – Junior 1st Dan Male Patterns
3rd – Lightweight Junior Black belt Sparring
1st – Junior Male Special Techniques


February 2018 – Grandmaster Phap Lu Seminar – Melbourne

Last weekend saw 5 of our black belts attend GM Phap Lu’s seminar. GM Lu travelled with General Choi as his assistant in the early 1980’s and help spread Taekwon-Do around the world. It was a great chance to train with knowledgeable students of General Choi. New friendships were made and it was great to train with different Taekwon-Do practitioners from all around Australia. GM Lu personal said the standard in our school was very high and encouraged us to keep training hard. Everyone that attended enjoyed ourselves and learnt a lot. Thank you GM and Master Lai for inviting us.

PhapLu1     PhapLu2     PhapLu3

2nd November 2017 – World Champion Power Breaker Visits – Melbourne

We had the honour of having the 2 x World Champion Power Breaker Mr Wesley Filiki from New Zealand grace our Do-Jang in North Melbourne. He recently defended his title in Ireland and was the only man to successfully complete all 5 breaks. He brought a lot of energy and laughter into our senior session. We were very fortunate enough to get some tips off this humble man. Thank you once again and all the best with the rest of your trip.


October 2017 – ITF World Championships – Dublin, Ireland

Report from Dublin

Sabumnim Michael Nguyen and Boosabumnim Leon Sejranovic traveled to Dublin in October to compete at the 20th  ‘Senior and 14th Junior ITF World Championships in Ireland.

Tuesday 10th October
Team Australia all weighed in today successfully. The opening ceremony just finished and the atmosphere was phenomenal. We rest tonight and competition starts tomorrow. Leon has patterns up first thing in the morning.

Wednesday 11th October
Leon completed in Pattern’s today. He received a bye in round 1. He then beat Paraguay 4-1 according to the judges. He then beat Uzbekistan in the round of 32. He met with New Zealand in the quarterfinals and unfortunately lost. He kept his composure and did really well despite it being his least favourite event. Well done Leon.

Thursday 12th October
Leon competed in Special techniques. He touched the front kick at 2.5m but under new rules it needs to bend 45 degrees, so no points were given. He got full points for flying side and turning kicks. He got a technical disqualification for reverse turning kick, even though it looked good – possibly due to the toes being too high. On the last technique, his foot got stuck during takeoff for the midair kick and didn’t score. He was ranked 5th for most of the competition. However, he finished 13th out of 50 competitors with most competitors aged 17 years old. Leon was one of the youngest in the division. Great work Leon.

Saturday 14th October
Leon had sparring today. He unfortunately lost to Belarus. A couple of bad warnings due to poor umpiring, which would’ve changed the end result. Leon was much classier than his opponent but just needed to be a bit more assertive and use the ring a bit better. He was disappointed, but at the same time he has learnt a lot and is hungrier than ever to work on his weaknesses.

Sunday 15th October
Team sparring completed yesterday. Australia lost to Scotland. Leon performed really well in his match but wasn’t enough to give Australia win. The end result was a draw in his fight. The level of competition was very high this year.

Tueday 17th October
Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland yesterday. Over 250,000 homes without power. 4 people have died due to this hurricane. It is the worst hurricane in 65 years. Leon and I are safe but struggled to travel due to harsh conditions. Flights, buses, taxis trains, lightrails were all cancelled. We were so lucky we found a taxi driver who was headed home to take us to our destination. Dublin was a ghost town yesterday with everything closed and everyone forced to take cover indoors.

Wednesday 18th October
After the Champs, Leon and I were able to travel around Ireland and managed to secure some training with Mr Hong K Looi (5th Dan) of the Irish National Team and Irish Taekwon-Do Association Technical committee. He runs Newbridge Taekwon-Do. He is 2 x European Champion and 3 x World Champion. The training was intense and very informative. He gave us a lot of insight into how we should be training.

Friday 20th October
We attended training at Northstar Taekwon-Do under 6th Dan Instructor and Coach Niall Jones. The club produced multi-World Champion/medalists this year (Adam Shelley, Ryan Shelly, Joanne Potter, Rebecca Mooney, Colm Carroll, Ellen Ince and Cian Ince). It was such a great atmosphere to train in. They are very humble and supportive people. We learnt so much and they train so hard. The bar has been raised.

Ireland1     Ireland2

17th September 2017 – Lai TKD Tournament – Melbourne

Impact students completed at the CHITF Lai TKD tournament. Our team of 7, consisting of Chris, Claire, Ryan, Philo, Tin, Edward and Tommy. There were around 120 competitors from all different schools from Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania. It was a fun weekend. Thank you to GM and Master Lai for inviting us.


Chris Lin
3rd – Junior Red belt patterns
2nd – Lightweight junior male sparring
2nd – Mixed male spec tech

Claire Lin
2nd – Junior Red belt patterns
2nd – Mixed junior girls sparring
4th – Mixed female spec tech

Ryan Le
1st – Junior Red belt patterns
1st – Lightweight junior male sparring

Philo Lee
3rd – Junior Red belt patterns
1st – Middleweight junior male sparring

Tin Do
1st – Peewee Green/blue belt patterns
2nd – Lightweight junior male sparring

Edward Lo
1st – Junior Green/blue patterns

Tommy Le
1st – Peewee Division Yellow/green belt patterns
1st -Peewee male sparring