15th September 2012 Victorian Challenge – Melbourne

Sabumnim Michael Nguyen led a team of Impact Taekwon-Do Australia students along with Miss Lorna McClory (ITFA) and participated in the Victorian Challenge hosted in Melbourne’s East by Il Shim Taekwon-Do Melbourne. There were around 80 competitors at this local championship.

The team consisted of 13 students and the local clubs returned home with 22 trophies with Sabumnim Michael Nguyen taking out all of his individual events convincingly and also taking home the Overall Male Champion trophy.

For half of the team, it was their first competition. They performed very well and they all enjoyed the competition.

Results from the competition:

Michael Nguyen
1st black belt patterns
1st heavyweight male sparring
1st senior male special techniques
Overall senior male

Lorna McClory (ITFA)
2nd black belt patterns
1st heavyweight female sparring

Matthew Nguyen
1st middleweight male sparring

Peter Nguyen
2nd colour belt patterns

Jennifer Nguyen
1st middleweight female sparring
2nd senior female techniques

Tim Hon
3rd colour belt patterns
2nd middleweight male sparring

Larita Bouphasavanh
1st colour belt patterns
3rd middleweight female sparring

Leon Sejranovic
1st junior male special techniques
1st junior patterns (intermediate belt)

Sumeya Ibrahim
3rd junior female sparring

Salma Aden
3rd junior female special techniques

Samiya Hassan
3rd junior patterns (junior belt)

Towheed Mesmer
2nd junior patterns (junior belt)

Tassabih Mesmer
2nd junior female sparring
1st junior female special techniques

15th September Victorian Challenge – Melbourne - 1

15th September Victorian Challenge – Melbourne - 2