1st September 2012 Perth Cup – Perth

On the 1st September 2012 North Melbourne based group Impact Taekwon-Do Australia sent a small delegation to Perth to attend the inaugural 2012 Perth Cup. The team consisted of Sabumnim Michael Nguyen and Boosabumnim Matthew Nguyen. There were over 120 competitors at the two day event with majority of the competitors being from Western Australians. There was only the pair representing Victoria.
The team fought hard to return home with 5 medals – 2 gold and 3 silver. Michael Nguyen was also awarded with the Overall Male Champion of that competition.

This tournament was a round robin structure for patterns and sparring. It was not the typical elimination structure. This allowed each competitor to fight in 4-7 bouts in each division. It allowed competitors an opportunity to improve their stamina and gain competition experience quicker.

This was Boosabumnim Matthew Nguyen’s first competition on the west coast. He has performed exceptionally well in all areas of taekwondo.

Results from the competition:

Michael Nguyen
1st senior male 3rd–4th Dan black belt patterns
2nd round robin heavyweight sparring
2nd team sparring

Matthew Nguyen
1st senior male 1st-2nd black belt patterns
2nd team sparring

1st September Perth Cup 2012 - Perth - 01

1st September Perth Cup 2012 - Perth - 02

1st September Perth Cup 2012 - Perth - 03

1st September Perth Cup 2012 - Perth - 04