25th-29th September 2018 – ITF World Cup 2018 – Sydney

The ITF World Cup was the biggest tournament of the year with over 1000 competitors from 35 different countries participating. The atmosphere was amazing over 5 days. Master Daher also got promoted to 9th Dan. Our first GM in this federation. Sabumnim Michael Nguyen also was promoted to 6th Dan by GM Ung Kim Lan in an extraordinary grading.

Results for the tournament are below:

Leon Sejranovic
1st – 14-17 yo 1st-3rd Dan Special Techniques
1st – 14-17 yo 1st – 3rd Dan <68kg sparring
1st – Junior Male 1st-3rd Dan Team Sparring

Angela Foulstone
Competed well, unfortunately losing to Argentina in Patterns due to a few critical errors.
In special techniques, she got full points for the flying side kick but missed the front kick due to nervousness.

Larita Bouphasavanh
She completed well unfortunately losing to Norway in Patterns due to some balance issues with the new mats being used.

Well done to everyone that completed. This was the first time two of our competitors had versed other international competitors. So it was a great opportunity to learn from this experience and to continue to work and build to improve themselves.

If there was an Overall Individual Junior Male award, it would’ve gone to him. There was no other competitor in the Junior Division that won 3 Gold medals. Well done to Leon.

Thank you for Mr Trevor Foulstone and Boosabumnim Tim Hon for supporting the team during this event.


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