25th September 2016 – USMA Challenge – Melbourne

Impact Taekwon-Do students attended the USMA Championships hosted by USMA today. Thank you Master Spiridon Cariotis for the invitation. The students all enjoyed themselves. Well done to all students that competed in the true spirit of Taekwon-Do. We were fortunate enough to return with 9 GOLD, 6 SILVER & 3 BRONZE. A great result.

Well done to Anoushka Iyer and Tommy who won 1st place in every event they participated in. Well done guys!!!

A great day, excellent display for comraderie and Taekwon-Do. Thank you to the Tammilehto family for coming down to support our team. It is greatly appreciated.

Results from the competition

Tommy Le

1st – Peewee white to yellow belt patterns

1st – Peewee tag sparring

1st – Peewee special techniques


Philo Lee

3rd – Junior mixed lightweight sparring


Anoushka Iyer

1st – Junior green blue belt patterns

1st – Junior female special techniques


Ryan Le

1st – Junior blue – red belt patterns

2nd – Junior mixed lightweight sparring

1st – Junior male special techniques


Carmen Smith

2nd – Junior red belt patterns

2nd – Intermediate female sparring

2nd – Junior female special techniques


Sandra Smith

2nd – Sparring mixed blue/red round robin sparring

3rd – Junior red belt patterns


Leon Sejranovic

2nd – Junior mixed black belt patterns

1st – Junior lightweight black belt sparring

1st – Junior black belt special techniques


Ashwin Iyer

3rd – Junior mixed blue – red belt patterns


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