18th September 2016 – Lai Taekwon-Do Tournament – Melbourne

Impact Taekwon-Do attended the inaugural 1st CHITF Victorian Championships on the 18th.September 2016. Master Jason Lai the Championship Director organised and successfully ran the Championship. A great day enjoyed by all meeting old friends and making new ones. GM Robert Lai gave the opening speech urging members to enjoy the day, the friendship and not forgetting to get feedback on their performance for further improvement.

Great work today by our team of 10 competitors. They won top 3 positions in every division they competed in. Our school tally was 8 Gold. 5 Silver & 3 Bronze. Thanks to Leon, Mr Kemal Sejranovic and Mr Alan Lee for coaching.


Results from the competition


Chris Lin

3rd – Junior intermediate lightweight sparring

3rd – Intermediate green blue belt patterns


Amelia Phan

1st – Junior female coloured belt patterns


Claire Lin

2nd – Junior mixed blue belt patterns

2nd – Junior mixed weight female sparring


Angela Foulstone

1st – Junior mixed coloured belt female patterns


Carmen Smith

2nd – Junior red belt female patterns

1st – Red belt intermediate sparring


Ryan Le

1st – Junior red belt patterns

2nd – Junior micro-weight male sparring


Mahdi Hassan

2nd – Junior red belt patterns

1st – Junior micro-weight male sparring


Sandra Smith

1st – Junior red belt female patterns

2nd – Red belt intermediate sparring


April Tammilehto

3rd – Junior female coloured belt patterns


 Philo Lee

1st – Junior mixed blue belt patterns

1st – Junior lightweight male sparring