24th July 2016 – RMIT Tournament – Melbourne

Well done to Impact Taekwon-Do students at yesterday’s RMIT Championships. There were over 135 competitors from all across the nation and different federations working together in the spirit of Taekwon-Do. The standard of competiton was exceptionally high at this event. Impact Taekwon-Do had 22 students who attended. We were fortunate enough to come away with 7 Gold, 9 Silver and 4 Bronze. A great result by everyone.

Thank you to Grand Master Lai and Master Lai for the invitation. It was great to see Senior Master Tam, Master Kordanovski & Mr Hickey again. It was fantastic to see old friendships rekindle and new ones formed. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Results from the competition:

Angela Foulstone

2nd – white to blue stripe female junior patterns

3rd –  junior female sparring

April Tammilehto

2nd – yellow mixed junior patterns

Alannah Tieu

2nd – junior female blue to black belt patterns

2nd – junior female sparring

Angel He

3rd – junior female black belt patterns

Chris Lin

1st – junior blue/red male patterns

1st – junior male lightweight sparring

Ryan Le

2nd – junior blue/red male patterns

1st – junior male sparring

Philo Lee

3rd – junior blue/red male patterns

3rd – middleweight Junior sparring

Michael Nguyen

1st – 4th-5th Dan male black belt patterns

2nd – heavyweight senior black belt sparring

Tom Barry

2nd – 2nd-3rd Dan male black belt patterns

Samuel Rodriguez

1st – middleweight junior sparring

Mahdi Hassan

2nd – junior male sparring

Natalie Jewell

2nd – 1st – 2nd Dan female black belt patterns

Jasmine Butler

1st – Hyperweight female black belt sparring

Sumaya Samitar

1st – mixed junior female sparring


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