11th June 2016 – ITF Australia National Squad Training – Gold Coast

On Saturday 11th June, Sabumnim Michael Nguyen and Leon Sejranovic attended the 2nd squad training on the Gold Coast for training under the National Coach Master Moustapha El-Sheikh. Sabumnim Nguyen & Mr Trent Hayden were named Assistant coaches on the National Team.

Training consisted of a warm using functional whole body drills as warm-ups. Then shadow sparring with an emphasis on agile smooth foot work, Patterns & combinations based on preparing the mind before the body and the pathway to becoming a world champion. Sabumnim Nguyen also spoke about mental toughness, sports visualisation, injury prevention and rehabilitation whilst training. Mr Hayden spoke about his experiences preparing for international tournaments.

Master Michael Daher made an appearance and spoke to all the squad members giving them some advice on their training and wishing them well for the following days Fight Series 2 Championships.

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