17th October 2015 – 4th Anniversary of Impact Taekwon-Do Australia – Melbourne

Today marks the 4th year anniversary since the establishment of Impact Taekwon-Do Australia. Time has definitely flown by quickly. Since it’s inception in 2011 the school havs enrolled over 120 students in that time and promoted eleven 1st Dan Black belts.

This school was started for likeminded people to enjoy and development Taekwon-Do without the barriers of race, religion, politics or ideology.

Sabumnim Michael Nguyen and Sabumnim Tony Nguyen want to thank all our black belts and senior members of our school for your support over the last few years.

There will be some changes in 2016 will enable us to help develop each and everyone of our students and make Impact Taekwon-Do Australia a very powerful school with high standards.

Look forward to many more years hard training, fun and adventures together. Keep up the excellent work everyone.