18th July 2015 Master Vasili Alexandris – Melbourne

On Saturday 18th and 19th July 2015. Sabumnim Michael Nguyen attended a sparring and self defence seminar conducted by Master Vasili Alexandris from Greece. This course was hosted my Master Spiridon Cariotis from United Schools of Martial Arts.

The seminar was well organised and enjoyable. Day 1 was a focusing on fundamental movements and sparring drills whilst Day 2 focused on pad work for sparring and street self defence. Master Alexandris has been to Australia a few times before and each time he adds an extra dimension to his teaching.

He is a very fun, dynamic and knowledgeable exponent of Taekwon-Do. It was a pleasure training under his watchful eyes. Thank you to Master Cariotis and his team for the opportunity to train with Master Alexandris again.



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