31st July 2015 – International Instructors Course – Gold Coast

On the weekend of the 31st July 2015, Sabumnim Michael Nguyen travelled to the Gold Coast. ITF exponents in Australia welcomed ITF President Grandmaster Trajtenberg and the ITF Technical committee composing of Grandmaster Morano, Grandmaster Lan and Master McPhail to conduct the 103rd International Instructor Course over the upcoming 3 days.
Over 150 people participated on the course with guests from New Zealand, Chile, Norway, and USA.
The weekend was full of energy and lots of valuable information being exchanged. It was great to be on the floor training along side like-minded friends and family.
A big thank you to Master Daher and his team for putting this wonderful event together. It was a real pleasure and a wonderful experience to see Taekwon-Do in Oceania building. Looking forward to have the 2018 ITF World Cup come to Australia.
Congratulations to Master Bhana for his 8th Dan promotion. Also congratulations to newly promoted Master Patterson and Master Salton for their 7th Dan promotion.
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