11th April 2015 – Victorian Championships – Melbourne

On the 60th anniversary of Taekwon-Do athletes gathered at Melbourne Sports Aquatic Center from all around Australia. Impact Taekwon-Do sent a team to this extraordinary event hosted by United ITF Australia. It was a very well run event. For some students this was their first tournament, nonetheless everyone enjoyed themselves.

The day was broadcasted live on the website My Sport Live. This allowed people from all around Australia and the world to view the championships and also allows viewers to enjoy the event without needing to video matches themselves.

Everyone did a marvelous job in representing our school. There was great respect for fellow competitors and officials. Our competitors all took something away from the day. There are some things to improve on. We will continue to work hard on our weaknesses and make them our strengths.

Special mention to Leon who successfully won all of his events convincingly. Well done!

Thank you to Sabumnim Tony Nguyen, Miss Natalie Jewel, Miss Tania Matthews, Mr Kemal Sejranovic and Miss Larita Bouphasavanh for assisting with videography, marshalling, judging and coaching.

Results from the competition:

Angel Yong

1st – Junior red belt patterns

Billy Walter

2nd – Junior red belt patterns

Tony Yong

3rd – Junior red belt patterns

1st – Junior red/black <45kg sparring

Leon Sejranovic

1st – Junior black belt patterns

1st – Junior black belt special techniques

1st – Junior black belt sparring

Luka McPhie

2nd – Intermediate blue/red pattern

1st – Intermediate special techniques

Thompson Truong

3rd – Intermediate 1st Dan black belt patterns

Tom Barry

1st – Intermediate 2nd Dan black belt patterns


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