4th-6th July 2014 Training Camp – The Grampians

On the 4th July Impact Taekwon-Do students travelled 3.5 hours to the Grampians for their first Taekwon-Do training camp.

The weekend covered the 5 disciplines of Taekwon-Do set out in the ITF Taekwon-Do encyclopaedia.

Two training sessions were held on the Saturday focusing on sparring, flexibility and patterns, sine wave and development of power.

After a long days training the team disciplined themselves by having cold showers. The benefits of having cold showers/baths have been long known. These include increased strength & muscle growth, speeds up post-exercise recovery, better energy, better mood and improved vitality.

On the Sunday the team hiked the infamous “The Pinnacle” which is a very challenging 9km mountain hike. It was an exhausting journey however great company made the hike pass by quickly. After reaching The Pinnalce the team celebrated with a photoshoot.

Looking forward to next years trip.

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