6th September 2014 Victorian Challenge – Keysborough

On 6th September 2014 twelve students from the Impact Taekwon-Do Australia school in North Melbourne attended the 2014 Il Shim ITF Victorian Challenge tournament in Keysborough.

There were competitors/officials over 70 from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria competing in the true spirit of Taekwon-Do. The team had worked hard over the last 6 months to prepare for this meet. Despite more than half the team battling sickness the team performed extremely well in all areas of competition Taekwon-Do.

The Impact team secured 22 trophies at this tournament including six 1st places, seven 2nd places and nine 3rd places.

In addition to this achievement Miss Natalie Jewel/ Miss Oxana Gorskina also shared the title of Overall Senior Female Champion.

A special mention must go out to Miss Carmen Smith was runner-up for Overall Junior Female Champion.

Sabumnim Michael Nguyen and Tony Nguyen attended as judges, referees and coaches this competition.

Thank you to all black belts, parents and team members for supporting each other, assisting with photography/videography, coaching and tournament proceedings.

Thank you for the support from Miss Julia Fogarty, Mr Trent Parkarinen-Stephens and Miss Claire Jones along with Baby Maya.

This is a great lead up to the United Mildura Championships (Mildura) and final selections for Italy 2015 (Sydney) in October.

Results from the competition:

Cameron Strachan

3rd – Senior Coloured Belt Patterns

Carmen Smith

1st – Junior Yellow Belt Patterns

2nd – Junior <150cm Special Techniques


Samuel Rodriguez

1st – Junior <10yo Power Punching

3rd – Junior Male Coloured Belt Sparring

3rd – Junior Green Belt Patterns

3rd – Junior <150cm Special Techniques


Sandra Smith

2nd – Junior Green Belt Patterns


Alison Currie

1st – Senior Coloured Belt Patterns

3rd – Intermediate Female Coloured Belt Sparring


Natalie Jewell

1st – Senior Black Belt Patterns

1st – Senior Female Black Belt Sparring

2nd – Senior Female Special Techniques

3rd – Senior Female Powerbreaking


Gill Greenstien

3rd – Senior Black Belt Patterns

2nd – Senior Female Powerbreaking


Sumeya Ibrahim

2nd – Junior Female Sparring

2nd – Peewee Special Techniques


Leon Sejranovic

1st – Junior Powerbreaking

2nd – Intermediate Special Techniques


Yasin Mohammed

3rd – Junior >10yo Power Punching


Billy Walter

3rd – Junior <160cm Special Techniques


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