23rd-25th May 2014 Grandmaster Hwang Kwang Sung Seminar – Canberra

On 23rd May Sabumnim Michael Nguyen and Tony Nguyen traveled from Melbourne to the Australian Capital Territory to travel with Grandmaster Hwang Kwang Sung.

Day 1 was focused on coloured belts and GM Hwang explained sinewave in fundamental movements and tuls. It was a great opportunity to observe and understand how a Grandmaster explains sinewave to coloured belt students in a variety of movements.

Day 2 covered more tuls and application of movements up to 1st Dan. This brought about very interesting discussion of stances and technique execution. It was also great to hear Grandmaster Hwang recount stories of Taekwon-Do history and speak about his own memoirs.

Day 3 continued with tuls training where GM Hwang clarified technicalities in tuls that were taught to him by General Choi but has been diluted over the years and modified because practitioners found it too hard to perform.

There was also a unified umpire course and dan gradings which they both attended, learnt and assisted. Congratulations to all candidates that graded and successfully passes. It was great to meet new and old friends again.

Thank you to Mr Scott Bower for the invitation to this fantastic seminar.


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