21st – 23rd March 2014 Sabumnim Tony Nguyen’s 5th Dan Grading – Perth

On Friday night Sabumnim Michael Nguyen (Melbourne) and Tony Nguyen (Brisbane) traveled to Perth for the annual Senior Dan grading for the Allied National Taekwon-Do Association of Australia (ANTAA). Unfortunately Sabumnim Tony’s flight was delayed by almost 2 hours. The pair met up at Perth Domestic airport around 2am Western Standard Time.

After very minimal sleep the pair drove to South Perth on Saturday to attend Master Barbour’s Masterclass as well as a presentation on Verbal Judo – The gentle art of persuasion. There were approximately 23 black belts attendance from various schools. Both sessions were very informative and interesting covering different approached to self defence. Master Barbour’s session also included sparring drills, theory of power, philosophy of Taekwon-Do and revision on patterns.

On Sunday Sabumnim Tony Nguyen endured an intensive 4-hour grading. His patterns, fitness, step sparring, self defence, sparring, prearranged sparring and breaking were assessed and criticized under the watchful eyes of Master Barbour. The last 6 months of preparation including regular trips to Melbourne for training had paid off. The day finished on a high note with Sabumnim Tony Nguyen was successfully promoted to 5th Dan black belt on the day.

Sabumnim Michael and Tony were personally invited to have lunch at Master Barbour’s home with his family and students. It was a very successful trip with healthy discussions into future ITF Taekwon-Do events to be run in Australia.

Thank you to everyone for your support. Congratulations to Sabumnim Tony Nguyen. Impact Taekwon-Do Australia now have two 5th Dan black belts.


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