8th March 2014 United ITF Victorian Championships – Melbourne

On Saturday 8th March Sabumnim Michael and Sabumnim Tony Nguyen took a team of athletes to Veneto’s Sporting Club in Bulleen to compete in the United ITF Victorian Championships. This is the first tournament for 2014. Teams flocked from all around Australia to attend this inaugural event. The team consisted of Mr Matthew Nguyen, Mr Leon Sejranovic, Mr Thompson Truong, Mr Carl Robertson and Miss Alison Currie. They were supported by Miss Natalie Jewell, Sabumnim Michael and Sabumnim Tony Nguyen who assisted with coaching and judging on the day.

The team of five fought passionately and enthusiastically in all their events even when the situation got difficult. For what the team lacked in size they made up for in their determination. The team were able to secure 3 Gold, 4 Silvers and 1 Bronze. A special mention must go to Mr Thompson Truong who just missed out on Overall Male Champion of the competition by a few points.

For many of the students it was their first tournament, however they have been preparing for this event since last December and they managed the pressure extremely well.

Thank you to Miss Larita Bouphasavanh, Miss Jennifer Nguyen and Miss Natalie Jewell for videography and photography.

Results from the competition:

Matthew Nguyen
2nd – Adult Male 1st-2nd Dan Patterns

Leon Sejranovic
3rd – Junior Male 1st-3rd Dan Patterns
1st – Junior Male Black Belt Sparring

Thompson Truong
1st – Junior Male 3rd-1st Gup Patterns
1st – Junior Male Middleweight Colour Belt Sparring

Carl Robertson
2nd – Adult Male Colour Belt Sparring

Alison Currie
2nd – Adult Female 10th-8th Gup Patterns
2nd – Adult Female Colour Belt Sparring


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