23rd-27th October 2013 ITF Senior World Championship – Spain

Sabumnim Michael and Tony Nguyen attended the 2013 ITF Senior World Championships in Spain. They were competitors and coaches in the Australian Team.

Congratulations to Sabumnim Tony Nguyen convincingly won all his fights and only narrowly losing to Canada in the semifinals. Nonetheless he secured a Bronze medal for Australia in the Senior male 4th-6th Dan black belt patterns division. The first Male Patterns medal in the history ITF Australia.

Sabumnim Michael Nguyen unfortunately had a tough draw. He drew 6 time world champion Jaraslow Suska in his first fight. He performed well losing only by a few points. His opponent from Poland when on to win the division.

The pair competed in Prearranged sparring but were unlucky to be up against reigning world champions from New Zealand in the first round. One judge gave Team Australia perfect scores. The pair competed well, gained a lot of experience and inspiration in preparation for their new routine.

Well done to you all. The Australian Taekwon-Do community is very proud of your achievements all.

A special thank you to NeuroRehab At Home for being a major sponsor to make this trip possible. NeuroRehab at home a home based and soon to be a center based neurological rehabilitation service based in Melbourne. Check out their website at www.nrah.com.au.

Also thank you to the North Melbourne YMCA for allowing the pair to use the facilities and health club prepare for this Championship.

Also thank you to students, friends and family for your support during the tough times.

Last but not least, thank you to all Instructors and students who works together to help the North Melbourne school stay afloat in their absence.


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