20th-23rd September 2013 FGMR IIC Seminar – Sydney

On the 20th-23rd September, Sabumnim Michael and Tony Nguyen travelled to Sydney to train with the first Grandmaster promoted by General Choi.  There were Taekwon-Do practitioners from all around Australia and New Zealand that attended this event. It was a great seminar that enriched our knowledge of Taekwon-Do. The was a strong emphasis on Terminology, Pattern, Self defence, Theory of power and the philosophy of Taekwon-Do over the 3 days.

It was a very enjoyable event with lots of fun, laughter and new friendships formed.  It was also great to train and rekindle friendships with old Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters.

20th-23rd-fgmr-seminar-01      20th-23rd-fgmr-seminar-02      20th-23rd-fgmr-seminar-03       20th-23rd-fgmr-seminar-04      20th-23rd-fgmr-seminar-05      20th-23rd-fgmr-seminar-06